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Case: Rusts v Aero Recip Alaska

“David Botich is a true professional. Hired as a defense expert witness for our case, he is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met in the aviation field. With an extensive amount of experience in maintenance and flying – both piston and turbine engine aircraft – as well as his broad understanding of FAA practices and the FAR’s this made him the best candidate to offer intelligent, detailed, and impartial opinions. He had the resources, the excitement, and the initiative to thoroughly answer any and all questions we threw his way. His testimony in the trial of our case was instrumental in us obtaining a positive outcome. Not to mention, he was a pleasure to work with. Thanks David!”

Tracey Gregorash
General Manager
Aero Recip
Winnipeg, MB


Excerpt from Mr. Zipkins Testimonial

"Mr. Botich provided invaluable expert testimony in a complex product liability case that I defended... Mr. Botich provided clear and compelling testimony regarding the cause of the engine failure... The case was very challenging on many fronts, and the hard work, careful analysis, and trial testimony provided by Mr. Botich was essential to our most successful outcome—a unanimous jury verdict vindicating our client against all of plaintiffs' allegations and claims. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Botich."

Gary A. Zipkin
Guess & Rudd
Anchorage, Alaska

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